5 Podcasts We Think You’ll Love

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17th Oct 2019
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Podcasts have taken the online world by a storm. Whether you spend a lot of time in the car, have some free time in the evenings and don’t enjoy reading or simply enjoy audiobooks, podcasts are audio files that cover a variety of different topics.

5 Uplifting Podcasts You Need to Hear

If you are going through a hard time and are looking for inspirational and uplifting podcasts, Loving Ashes has you covered. Listen to a variety of perspectives on death by listening to these 5 podcasts that we love.

1. On Death and Life by Radio Headspace #56

We promise that this podcast isn’t as morbid as it sounds. This episode of the series addresses and talks about death as an inevitable occurrence that helps us prepare for it. Although talking about it will not make the grieving process easier, it helps us accept the inevitability and appreciate the important moments in our lives. If you have lost a loved one, are anticipating the loss of a loved or fear your own death, this podcast is inspiring and helps put life into perspective for those who are looking for a bit of meaning.

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2. Coming Back by Shelby Forsythia

This weekly podcast can be applied to death, divorce, a breakup or losing a friend. Featuring so many inspiring guests, Coming Back addresses the difficult emotions one experiences after a great loss, as well as how to overcome the initial shock and heartbreak. Allow yourself to find a safe place in the intimate interviews and discussions that share advice, inspirational stories and self-help methods.

3. Grief Works by Julia Samuel

The popular author of the book Grief Works, Julia Samuel has created an extremely raw and intimate podcast to help break the taboo surrounding conversations about death. With each episode featuring a different person’s story, Samuel discusses coping methods and advice that are both uplifting and inspiring. Listening to other people’s stories helps remind us that we are not alone on this road and healing is possible.

4. The Art of Dying Well

This is a podcast series that covers everything you need to know about those ‘hard to talk about’ topics. From ‘Death Bed etiquette’ to ‘Love, loss and coping’, these podcast episodes tackle a variety of topics, with the help of special guests, and give new perspectives. Especially a great listen for anyone currently anticipating the loss of an elderly parent or other loved one.

5. Happier by Gretchen Rubin

This podcast is a fantastic one to end our list with. Happier discusses how to live a life that you are satisfied with through the sharing of tips and advice. Learn how to create good daily habits, why it is important to reset your life and deal with negativity immediately. This podcast shifts the theme from death to life and teaches you how to rebuild yourself after loss and grow as an individual.

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