5 Respectful Things to do with Cremation Ashes

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30th May 2017
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30th Jun 2017

Life has a funny way of throwing us curveballs just when things seem to be going well. A wise individual once said that life is not about cursing our misfortunes, but rather how we react to these events – our ability to focus on a flicker of light in the overwhelming darkness. The passing of a loved one or adored family pet is difficult, but remembering them shouldn’t be. Loving Ashes takes a look at five respectful things you can do to memorialise your loved ones using their cremation ashes…

One with the Ocean

The conservation of our planet’s oceans and ocean life is something many nations consider vital for the future of mankind. The breaking down and disappearance of ocean reefs the world over is slowly being remedied with the use of artificial reef structures, and one American company constructing these artificial reefs has taken becoming one with the ocean to a new literal level. Eternal Reefs, based in Florida, actually mixes cremation ashes with concrete when constructing artificial ocean reefs. If your departed loved one considered the ocean their second home, this is a respectful way to memorialise them eternally – while also playing a part in ocean life conservation.

Return to Nature

You’ve probably seen the promotions on social media, ‘become a tree when you pass’. Bios Urn is the company behind this ground-breaking concept, essentially offering biodegradable urns that hold cremation ashes as well as a tree seed of your choice. Once your loved one’s ashes are made available, they are stored in the bio-urn and can be planted directly into the ground. Your departed loved once can literally become a part of nature, becoming a tree that will grow tall where you plant the bio-urn. Not only is this a great way to memorialise your loved one, you are doing your part for the reduction of carbon-dioxide pollution too!

For the Love of Music

Did your departed loved one or pet simply love music? Plato famously shared that “music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Vinyly, a UK based company, actually makes vinyl records using cremation ashes. Did your departed loved one have a favourite band, singer, album or song? Vinyly allows you to choose the music, as well as a custom cover for your record – so your dearly departed can live on through their favourite music.

Up, Up and Away

Did your dearly departed ever talk about wishing they could fly with the clouds between their feet? A Florida based company knows as the Eternal Ascent Society is making this a reality, by offering biodegradable balloons that they fill with helium and a small portion of your departed loved one’s cremation ashes. You are then able to release the memorial balloon wherever you deem suitable, and it will travel to an impressive height of 30,000 feet!

Stunning Glass Memorials

A truly stunning and unique way to memorialise passed loved ones is with hand-blown glass art pieces! This is done by blending a small amount of cremation ashes with beautiful colour dyes that are folded into raw glass and fashioned into breath-taking memorial glass orbs and hearts – each as unique as your dearly departed was. Our team at Loving Ashes operates from Kloof, Durban, hand-crafting beautiful glass memorial pieces for both passed loved ones and pets. Get in touch with us today for more information on our process, and how you can respectfully utilise your loved one’s ashes to memorialise them forever.

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