7 Inspirational Quotes About Life and Death

Dealing with Loss: Andre’s Story
30th Jan 2018
Loving Ashes - Woman dealing with grief
Unpacking the 5 Stages of Grief
6th Mar 2018
Mark Twain, the world-famous adventurer and author, speaks here about how we often forget to appreciate the mere fact that we’re alive and that the world is our oyster – we just have to reach out and take it!
Loving Ashes – Leonardo da Vinci Quote About Life and DeathLeonardo da Vinci, the Italian mathematician, speaks here of how one can face one’s own death not with fear but with happiness – if we’ve lived a life that has made us genuinely happy.
Loving Ashes - Anonymous Quote About Life and DeathSome people (especially men) think that crying is a sign of weakness. All that crying really is, according to the anonymous author of this quote, is a non-verbal way of communicating your feelings to those around you – which you’re completely entitled to do!
Loving Ashes – J. K. Rowling Quote About Life and DeathJoanne Rowling, world-famous author of the Harry Potter novels, speaks here of how death becomes something we can almost look forward to when we have our lives completely organised.
Loving Ashes – Unknown Quote About Life and DeathThis anonymous author hit the nail on the head with this quote, sharing that although the death of a loved one leaves a permanent scar, nobody can take away the love you shared – EVER!
Loving Ashes – Jimi Hendrix Quote About Life and DeathJimi Hendrix, considered by some as the best guitarist to ever live, was all for self-determination in life. This quote essentially shares that death is a burden we alone have to bare, so we alone should be allowed to decide how we live our lives.
Loving Ashes – Emily Dickinson Quote About Life and DeathSaving the best for last, Emily Dickinson feels that we should savour the gift that is life, for we only have one and when it’s done – it’s done for good.



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