Art Therapy for Working Through Grief

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17th Sep 2019
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Blank paper, paintbrushes and paint lie waiting to be used to express one’s emotions and feelings

Art therapy is an effective way to express the difficult feelings that accompany grief. These art processes help us relieve ourselves of the tensions that surround the typical feelings that make us avoid or deny our pain. The creating process gives us a safe place to reflect on our emotions, come to terms with our feelings and express memories that we may have been unaware we were suppressing.

Ways Art Therapy Helps with Grief

Address your deepest thoughts and feelings by losing yourself in the creative process of creating art. Here are 3 ways that art therapy can help with grief.

1. Art Therapy Helps You to Reflect on the Past

You may find that different colours, images or techniques stir up certain emotions and feelings. Art sometimes helps us to address certain feelings or memories that we may have suppressed during the grieving process. We may find that we choose a certain colour scheme to describe how we feel or paint an image that helps us to recall the memory of our loved one. It is common for art to stir up feelings we weren’t aware we had and memories we had long forgotten.

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2. A Productive Distraction

Very often, grief leaves us feeling like we are living life in a blur. This is simply because we are experiencing so many different feelings and emotions, which our brains are struggling to process. Sitting down to paint allows us a break from everything that is going on around us and focus on the task at hand. Focusing on your art will clear your mind while you work, leaving you refreshed and relaxed afterwards. Whilst it is important to grieve the loss of a loved one, it is also important to clear your head every once in a while to ensure that grief does not consume you. Allowing yourself to focus on something other than your thoughts is a healthy way to give your brain a break and enjoy being creative and focusing on the creative process.

3. Creativity Allows for Thinking Time

If you aren’t looking for a distraction through art, use this moment as a time to think and reflect on your life. You’d be surprised at how much creating art can help you organise your thoughts and feelings. The creative process allows you to not only express yourself but shut your mind off to the rest of the world and think about everything that is happening in your life. Allowing yourself to focus on a task, such as painting, can limit distractions and allow your thoughts to flow freely, without prompting.

Call Loving Ashes Today & Commemorate Your Loved One Through Art

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