Overcome the loss of a Loved One

2nd Apr 2020
a woman lying on a bed

Understanding and Managing Grief’s Effect on Your Body

Whilst grief has the power to wreak havoc in your life, it also can have a strong, negative impact on your body. At Loving Ashes, we […]
15th Mar 2020
Old black and white photo of family getting into a car.

Grieving & Healing from the Loss of a Parent

Losing a parent at any point in your life can be devastating. Whether you spend time with them and speak to them regularly or your adult […]
17th Feb 2020
a topless, short-haired woman holding a curly-haired child against her chest

How to Talk to Your Children About Death

Talking to children about death can be an extremely difficult task as a parent or guardian. If the child is young, it can be hard to […]
1st Feb 2020
a cup of tea, flowers and hands holding a poetry book

3 Poems About Death that Will Give You a New Perspective

Poets are known to say the words that others cannot. When dealing with a difficult situation, such as death, you can bet that there is a […]
22nd Jan 2020
Man and woman out in the snow sharing an intimate embrace

How to Send your Condolences to Grieving Loved Ones

At Loving Ashes, we understand that navigating the loss of a loved one is difficult, not only for you but for those around you too. When […]
7th Jan 2020
overwhelmed businessman at a cluttered desk sits with his head in his hands

When to Go Back to Work After a Loss

When you are experiencing a loss, you may find that you lack the energy to partake in basic daily tasks. Therefore, going back to work is […]
6th Dec 2019
Steaming hot cup of morning coffee to fuel your day

Morning Rituals to Help You Define Your New Normal

When you lose someone close to you, you may struggle to come to terms with your new normal. Many people battle to get out of bed […]
3rd Dec 2019
a topless woman standing with her back to the camera and pushing her head down

Tips for Coping with Regret

Losing someone close to you comes with a number of intense emotions the human body is not used to experiencing. These emotions have the power to […]
25th Nov 2019
Woman cooking a healthy meal, consisting of various vegetables, on a gas stove

Alternative Ingredients for Guilt-Free Comfort-Eating

We all know that loss and hard times have a big effect on our eating habits and that grief often goes hand-in-hand with comfort eating. At […]
21st Nov 2019
Female photographer taking a photo in a sunflower field

Healing & Coping Through Photography

Through therapeutic photography, one is able to deal with the emotional rollercoaster and hardships that accompany losing a loved one. Through the taking, analyzing and usage […]
17th Oct 2019
Podcast microphone ready to record a new episode for listeners

5 Podcasts We Think You’ll Love

Podcasts have taken the online world by a storm. Whether you spend a lot of time in the car, have some free time in the evenings […]
17th Oct 2019
Blank paper, paintbrushes and paint lie waiting to be used to express one’s emotions and feelings

Art Therapy for Working Through Grief

Art therapy is an effective way to express the difficult feelings that accompany grief. These art processes help us relieve ourselves of the tensions that surround […]
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