19th Apr 2017

Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One

Life has a few serious challenges it throws at us during our time on Earth. For women, childbirth is a challenge most momentous – yet one […]
26th Apr 2017

How to Create Your ‘Death’ File

It seems a bit morbid planning for what happens when you head to the great beyond. However, some well-considered organising while you’re alive will give you […]
23rd May 2017

Unique Memorial Gifts

Finding an adequate way to express your condolences to a bereaved family member or friend is difficult. Often we don’t know how to react to death […]
30th May 2017

Six Beautiful Ways to Remember Passed Loved Ones

The way you choose to celebrate and remember loved ones who have passed away will be unique to you. Finding positive ways to remember them, and […]
12th Jun 2017

5 Respectful Things to do with Cremation Ashes

Life has a funny way of throwing us curveballs just when things seem to be going well. A wise individual once said that life is not […]
30th Jun 2017

Coping with Grief? Here’s What You Need to Know…

Grief is a natural response to the death of a loved one. Eventually you learn to cope with your changed reality and deal with the heartbreak […]
21st Jul 2017

Glass Memorials That Warm the Heart

Remembering a departed loved one is always riddled with mixed emotions. In the early stages of grief, we are filled with misunderstanding and anger for our […]
15th Aug 2017

Loving Ashes: Jacob’s Memorial Heart

When Jacob’s wife suggested they get a hand-blown glass memorial heart from Loving Ashes to remember their adored family pet of seventeen years, the Kunene family […]
25th Aug 2017

You’ve Lost a Loved One: Now What?

You get the call from your parents while driving the kids to school, and it knocks you for a six. Uncle Frank lost the fight with […]
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