Glass Memorials That Warm the Heart

Loving Ashes: Muriel’s Memorial Orb
11th Jul 2017
Loving Ashes: Jacob’s Memorial Heart
15th Aug 2017

Remembering a departed loved one is always riddled with mixed emotions. In the early stages of grief, we are filled with misunderstanding and anger for our loss. Maturity comes with time, and we eventually choose to remember them the way they were when they were happiest – surrounding ourselves in their warmth every time we close our eyes and think of their presence. Loving Ashes looks at three stunning cremation art pieces that truly capture the spirit of the departed in stunning glass craftmanship…

Memorial Charm Bead Bracelet

American glass art manufacturer, Tammy Rae, develops these exquisite European-style glass charm beads in a range of stunning colours. Each bead is hand-crafted with a small amount of a passed loved one’s ashes, and are strung onto a sterling silver bracelet – allowing the wearer to take their passed loved one’s spirit wherever they may roam.










*Image courtesy of Tammy Rae*

Ocean Wave Memorial Glass Art

Infusion Glass is a US-based cremation memorial art company that manufactures totally unique glass memorials, capturing the spirit of a dearly departed loved one in stunning glass art. This particular piece is made from more than 300 hand-cut slivers of glass, infused with a small amount of cremation ash. Truly stunning and perfect for a passed loved one who considered the ocean their second home.

*Image courtesy of Infusion Glass*

Hand-blown Glass Memorial Orb

Loving Ashes – based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal – develops beautiful glass memorial pieces using a small amount of cremation ash. The glass memorial orbs and hearts feature soft waves of colour within, blended together for a natural swirl that warms the heart when illuminated by the optional light stand. For a stunning glass memorial art piece in Durban, get in touch with Loving Ashes here.

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