Healing & Coping Through Photography

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17th Oct 2019
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25th Nov 2019

Through therapeutic photography, one is able to deal with the emotional rollercoaster and hardships that accompany losing a loved one. Through the taking, analyzing and usage of one’s own photographs we, as people, are able to heal, grow, reflect and understand what we have been through, come to terms with it and cope with the loss of a loved one.

3 Reasons to Use Photography As a Method of Coping

Keep reading the Loving Ashes blog as we share three benefits of therapeutic photography and how it can help you.

Reason #1: You Overcome Difficult Emotions

Photography is believed to help one overcome the emotional trauma, anxiety and even depression that is associated with losing a loved one. Photography is considered a form of mindfulness, a state of awareness (something that can also be achieved through practising meditation), as well as a known reliever of depression and anxiety in those who partake in the art.

It is known to take individuals into a sense of “flow” again, calming the mind and providing stress relief, as well as many other health benefits. Photography can improve one’s personal and mental wellbeing as it incorporates; self-care, interaction with the world and its communities and encourages reflection.

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Reason #2: Photography Helps You See the Beauty in Everyday Life

Not only does photography allow you to express yourself, but it also encourages one to focus on the positives around them and look at all the wonderful things in the world; this is important when dealing with loss as it can assist in relieving one’s pre-occupation with their pain.

Photography will take you places, remove you from your daily struggle, put you in a new environment and, through this, one is able to gain a new perspective, reflect on what they have gone through and address the emotions they are experiencing. Loss can be an extremely traumatic event and the power of an escape of distraction, especially one that is known to help cure depression and anxiety, cannot be overlooked.

Reason #3: You Can Add Some New Life to Your Home

On a less serious note, taking your own photographs can lend itself to some wonderful new table and wall decoration. It is important in grief to ensure you are in a positive environment that uplifts you.

Having your creative work hanging on the walls and framed on tables is a great everyday reminder of the beauty you have captured. Frame your favourite shots and place them in a spot where you can see them at the start of every new day and put yourself in a strong mindset to deal with whatever the day brings.

Capture Your Loved One’s Memory with Loving Ashes

Another way to capture your loved one’s memory is to have a decorative piece made in their memory. Loving Ashes create stunning glass orbs and hearts to keep in your home. Made with a small portion of your loved one’s ashes, we can create a glass decorative piece you will cherish forever. Contact us today with any questions or queries.

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