Holistic New Year’s Resolutions for Your Soul

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The pressure to make New Year’s resolutions rolls around every year, and many of us get caught up in making unrealistic goals to attain material and superficial things. When you have suffered a loss, your perspective is quickly altered, and you realise the trivial nature of most mundane goals and interests. Whilst loss is one of the most unfortunate experiences in life, it can lead you to focus tasks and issues much more important in the grander scheme of things, like love, laughter, and good health.

We want to guide you towards a 2019 filled with mindfulness, peace and gratitude by inspiring you with these holistic New Year’s resolutions for your soul.

Resolve to Express Appreciation Daily

There is a proven link between gratitude and improved well-being, and the research is ongoing. Connecting with your appreciation for people, places and events, however big or small, helps your mind and body to release stress, and trains your brain to be less anxious. Expressing your appreciation every day will groom your mind into a state of calm and clarity, which is just what you need when taking on a new year.

Resolve to Practice Mindfulness Every Day

Mindfulness has similar effects to gratitude, but with different benefits. Mindfulness can be described as drawing attention to each and every feeling within your body, for several minutes each day. During a peaceful moment like when you’re having your morning cup of tea, close your eyes and take stock of your being. How do you feel emotionally? How does your body feel in this position? Where is your soul in relation to the goings-on of your daily life?

Being more mindful is a great step towards conscious and present living. This habit helps you to enjoy the moment and appreciate every delight that life brings. Want to learn how to be more mindful? Click here.

Resolve to Spend More Time in Nature

Being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air, sunlight and smells is linked to improved mood, health and general well-being. Regular exposure to sunlight every day helps to endorse your body’s circadian rhythms, which help you fall asleep at night. Spending time outdoors connects you to your surroundings and can be very grounding to those who suffer from anxiety.

Resolve to Stay Hydrated this Year

Rather than committing to ‘being healthy’ in 2019, try setting more specific and achievable goals, such as staying hydrated. Do some research to find out the recommended amount of water someone of your height and weight should try to drink each day and build up to that amount slowly. Cleansing your system daily has myriad health benefits, from skincare to cell turnover to metabolic functions. Your body will quickly thank you for this change, and you may find yourself more motivated to make other lifestyle changes.

Resolve to Express Your Emotions

In a modern society ruled by mixed up morals and skewed values, it can be difficult to understand what you are feeling and when, where and how to express it. The most important transformation that we would like to see throughout our society is a move towards free expression of emotions. Doing so is incredibly helpful for bereaved individuals and can help to relieve stress and tension within the self, and in relationships. You can read more about why it pays to express your emotions, here.

Resolve to Be Yourself

This one may seem overdone but shaping and moulding yourself to fit the expectations of others is tiring and takes a toll on your soul. Take steps towards being your truest self and relinquish the hold others have on you.

Our blog contains many helpful articles that can help you to take charge of your existence and work through your hardships. Take a look and let us know what you think your most holistic New Year’s Resolutions might be.

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