How to Send your Condolences to Grieving Loved Ones

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At Loving Ashes, we understand that navigating the loss of a loved one is difficult, not only for you but for those around you too. When someone close to you is experiencing a significant loss of a close friend or family member, you may feel helpless and unsure of how you can ease their grief.

5 Tips on Sending Condolences to Grieving Loved Ones

The most important thing you can do is simply be there for them. You can communicate your support through selecting one of Loving Ashes’ tips for sending condolences to grieving loved ones. Show your grieving loved one that you are thinking of them through sending your condolences in a tactful and thoughtful manner, like the examples given in this blog.

Tip #1: Cook them a Meal

This is a timeless way to send your condolences and show your support. During the grieving period, the individual may not have the energy to conduct basic everyday tasks, such as cooking themselves a healthy meal. They may also be preoccupied planning a funeral or spending time with other grieving family members and friends. By cooking a meal, you are sending your condolences, as well as lessening the burden of their grief by looking after them.

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Tip #2: Respect Their Wishes

If a grieving individual specifies that instead of flower’s they would prefer a donation to the deceased’s favourite charity, respect their wishes and make the effort to respect their wishes. People tend to be extra sensitive during grief and may be offended by a friend or family member disregarding their wishes. If you cannot afford to meet their requirements, simply send a card or some sweet treats but do avoid sending the gift they specifically declined.

Tip #3: Attend the Funeral

Show your respect to the deceased and their loved ones by taking the time out of your day to attend the funeral. This is a good way to show your respect, especially if you did not know the person well. Any good friend of the deceased will be at the funeral, therefore it speaks volumes for the family and close friends of the deceased if you show your support through attending the service. This is also a better option if you are unfamiliar with the family, as you will not have as much one-on-one time as you would with a visit to their home.

Tip #4: Visit the Grieving Loved Ones

If you feel comfortable or know the family or friends well, a visit is a great way to pay your respect and send your condolences. It is important to ask permission to come, as grieving individuals often enjoy alone time. Once you have been given permission to visit, bring something for tea and offer your help around the house. You may be asked to walk their dog or spend a few minutes playing with children whilst they take the time to respond to messages and speak with the funeral coordinator. It will also be helpful to the family if you offer to stop at the grocery store for them on the way to their house. Whether you sit and drink tea all afternoon or spend your time washing dishes, your presence is greatly appreciated.

Tip #5: Pick Up the Phone

This is the simplest way to send your condolences, yet always effective. When you learn that someone close to you is experiencing the death of a loved one, the best thing you can do is pick up the phone and call them. We don’t mean send them a text or post on their Facebook wall, but rather you should engage in a two-way conversation with them. This may be intimidating, as not many people know how to deal with those grieving, however, you will get an idea on how the person is coping and what you can do to help. A phone call is always appreciated and shows you care.

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