Losing a Pet: What No One Tells You

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9th May 2018
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Not many people truly understand the sorrow of losing a pet. Grief knows no boundary when it comes to species and the number of legs your loved one has. Your pets can come to be your closest companions and losing a pet is a heart-breaking experience as valid as any other…

Yes, It Can Be as Painful as Losing a Relative

A lot of people don’t seem to believe that losing a pet – due to whatever cause – can be just as devastating as losing a close friend or relative. The truth is, pets give unconditional love to their owners, will never have conflict about politics or climate change, and would readily lay down their lives for you. As such, they crawl deep into our hearts and make camp, creating a warm glow within us that is truly unique.

It Is a Shock to The System

That last walk into the veterinarian’s office is a mixture of sadness, disbelief, and often denial too. No one tells you how painful it is to see your best friend fall asleep like they do, and it is entirely overwhelming to realise that they will not wake. No one tells you that the walk back to the car is a heaving, soul destroying mess. It is. And no one can prepare for it.

Just like humans, the loss of a pet is shocking to one’s head and heart. Losing a pet whilst still having more at home often leads to habitual statements like: “Have you fed the dogs?” bringing tears to your eyes as you remember that Rover is on his own now without his friend. This is perfectly normal and, I promise, it gets better with time.

As I write this, I remember seeing my younger girl for the first time after her sister passed away, and it reduced me to a puddle on the floor. Your senses will soon adjust to the absence of an extra set of paws, and I advise you to find solace in giving as much love to your other pets as you can.” – A loving owner

Rituals and Legacies Will Help

Hang on to your furry baby’s collar or favourite blanket and consider holding a small funeral of sorts to honour your pet and allow your family to express their feelings. Creating a memorial such as a photo album or planting a tree to memorialise your pet is a great way to constructively and peacefully remember their spirit.
If you chose to cremate your pet, consider a Loving Ashes memorial piece in the form of an orb, heart or candle holder to beautifully immortalise your pet and their loving spirit.

Remember that losing a pet is a uniquely heart-breaking experience. Allow yourself to express your feelings and make baby steps through your grief. Do not let anyone make you feel bad for these feelings – this is a valid, sorrowful experience. No one tells you how hard it will be, but they also don’t tell you that it does get a little bit easier every day… You can do this.”

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