Morning Rituals to Help You Define Your New Normal

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When you lose someone close to you, you may struggle to come to terms with your new normal. Many people battle to get out of bed in the morning, eat regular, healthy meals and maintain their personal hygiene. We at Loving Ashes want you to know that all of these are normal, as your body is struggling to process the shock. Adopting healthy morning rituals will help pave the way to healthy healing.

Things to Do Every Morning When Grieving

Keep reading the blog as we reveal the 5 things that you can do every morning to keep contributing to a healthy diet, body and mind. This will help you feel more energetic and ensure that you are able to adopt a healthy new normal.

1. Do Wake Up Early

Most people see this and cringe. Don’t worry, getting up early doesn’t have to be before 5 am, but it is so important to be out of bed before 9 am. Assuming you have taken some time off to grieve, it is vital that you don’t take to your bed for a few weeks to mourn; you will feel horrible, both physically and mentally. Getting up and dressed early has been proven to improve one’s mood and reduce the risk of depression. Go to bed early enough to wake up early feeling refreshed and ready to push through your new routine.

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2. Do Some Exercise

Get your blood flowing and your ‘happy hormones’ flowing by partaking in some form of exercise. This will keep you feeling energized, motived and, occasionally, distracted. Whether it is a 20-minute morning stretch, a quick run or a group class, having something that gets your heart rate up, the endorphins flowing will lift your mood dramatically and really help you wrap your head around your loss.

3. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Another easy hack that works wonders on your mood- Breakfast! Dieticians aren’t lying when they called it the most important meal of the day. If you really don’t have the energy (or the skills), simple foods like cereals, yoghurts and fruits will do the trick. If you enjoy cooking and have the skills (it’s never too late to learn), take your time making a full-on breakfast for yourself; eggs, bacon, avo, toast and baked beans. Make sure that you are eating a healthy meal though, as a slap-up breakfast will be pointless if it is unhealthy.

4. Don’t Reach for Your Phone

This part of the morning routine is especially important and doesn’t only apply if you are grieving. Allow yourself some time to wake up before reaching for your phone. Whether it is the first 20 minutes or an hour after you wake up, it is important to reconnect with yourself, think about your day ahead and don’t lose yourself in the online world of social media and messages. Time alone is important, especially when grieving, as you can think clearly and without distraction, focus on yourself by meeting your needs first and preventing yourself from being sucked into the online world.

Capture Your Loved Ones Memory with Loving Ashes

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