Organising a Funeral Beautifully and Easily

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30th May 2018
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Organising a Funeral Beautifully Does Not Have to Be Stressful

When a loved one has passed away, the emotions and thoughts alone are overwhelming. The added task of organising a funeral can seem insurmountable without any guidance, which is why we want to help you organise a beautiful funeral that honours your loved one appropriately.

Contact a Funeral Director

A Funeral Director Can Help You Organise a Beautiful Funeral Ideally contact a funeral director shortly after the passing; you may not know any off the top of your head, but healthcare professionals usually make recommendations and the internet is a useful resource. You aren’t obligated to use a funeral director, but they can help you navigate the best practices in organising a funeral. They also assist you in registering the death – you will need to obtain a Medical Certificate for Cause of Death from the doctor first, after which the funeral director can proceed. A funeral director will go through all the details of the funeral or memorial services.

Create a Pleasing Order of Service

: A Pleasing Order of Service is an Important Part of Organising a Funeral The order of service is the pamphlet that funeral guests follow through any speeches, sermons, hymns and other events scheduled throughout the funeral. When organising a funeral, the order of service can be the cause of conflict as vociferous family members may feel that a different font, hymn, order or detail should be used instead. Try your best to compromise and be outwardly pleasant about suggestions, as everyone feels entitled to their opinion.

Flowers are Everything

: Potted Plants Are a Sweet Alternative to Traditional Flowers

Flowers are a huge focal point in funerals and memorial services. Preferably take the flower decisions into your own hands when organising a funeral. Leaving it up to the chapel may lead to disappointment.

Pick your loved one’s favourite flower, or one that reflects their personality. If they didn’t like flowers, consider beautiful alternatives such as candles or other types of plants.

Potted plants as your flower décor make great keepsakes that guests can take home and plant themselves.

Meaningful Decorations, Keepsakes and Memorial Art

Memorialise Your Loved One with a Hand-Blown Glass Art Piece from Loving Ashes

Decorating the funeral or memorial is an important part of making the day extra special. Lighten the atmosphere with photo albums on tables and candles and fairy lights around the venue. Guests can view these, start conversations and reminisce on pleasant memories.

If your loved one chose to be cremated, you can immortalise their spirit with a beautiful glass orb memorial art piece from Loving Ashes. Each of our glass orbs and hearts is individually hand-blown with great artistry to preserve the memory of your loved one in a unique and visually stunning way.

There is no ‘wrong’ way to go about organising a funeral. Your family and friends are there to help you, and professionals such as funeral directors offer a wealth of advice when it comes to honouring your loved one.

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