Popular Funeral Flowers & Their Meanings

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Flowers make any event more beautiful and special. Funerals are sacred events, often used to celebrate the beauty and passion of the person who has passed. A wonderful way to incorporate your key message or the persons core identity into the funeral is by decorating with a gorgeous flower that holds a significant meaning. Have a look at the list of funeral flowers and their meanings below.


Pink and Purple Orchids

Orchids are stunningly unique flowers, complex and intricate in nature. They do not have the radial, all-round symmetry of say, a daisy. Rather, they are bilaterally symmetrical, as if folded down the centre. These unusual looking flowers symbolise enduring, everlasting love.

White orchids represent elegance, pink orchids illustrate grace, purple orchids represent dignity, and red orchids, courage.


White LillyThese flowers are commonly used for funerals, and understandably so. They are fragrant and delicate blooms, representing the restoration of innocence to the soul of the deceased. White lilies illustrate the majesty and radiance of the one who has passed.


Pink ChrysanthemumsGlobally, the chrysanthemum flower varies in its symbolism and use more than most other flowers. In some European countries, it is used exclusively for funerals. Quite beautifully in Asia, the chrysanthemum represents lamentation for the departed soul. These flowers consist of hundreds of curved petals radiating from the centre, and their intricacy lends itself to that of the human experience.


Pink and white rosesRoses are the universal flower of love in every capacity. Their colour is the main indication of the meaning, with red roses being the classic symbol of love and grief. White roses symbolise spirituality, yellow roses are to honour friendships, and dark pink roses show thankfulness. A single red rose in a bouquet of other flowers symbolises a pure and enduring love.


Red Carnations

These long-lasting and fragrant flowers are a gorgeous and popular funeral flower. Red carnations symbolise admiration, pink carnations are for remembrance and white carnations illustrate pure love.

All in all, any flower will add love and beauty to a funeral. These popular funeral flowers have gorgeous meanings behind them and will surely elevate any departed soul. As we know, the most beautiful flowers get picked, allowing every soul to flourish in a spiritual garden.

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