Six Beautiful Ways to Remember Passed Loved Ones

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23rd May 2017
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12th Jun 2017

The way you choose to celebrate and remember loved ones who have passed away will be unique to you. Finding positive ways to remember them, and the life you shared together, is a healthy part of grieving. Here are a few different and lovely things you can do to help you remember your loved one…

Hold a Memorial Service to Remember Them

You may want to a hold a small tribute service to the person you have lost. This does not necessarily need to be a sombre affair, but bringing together the people who all loved the person who died, is an incredible way to remember and celebrate them. You can meet at their memorial, grave, a favourite pub or park. This can be formal or informal – think about what would be appropriate to them when you organise a tribute/memorial event.

Light a Candle for a Lost Loved One

If you are religious, you may want to light a candle for the loved one you lost or pray for them. Lighting a candle is infused with special symbolism and meaning. You can light a candle and then spend time reflecting on the life of your loved one, in the peace of your holy place.

Do What Your Loved One Enjoyed Doing

Spend a day doing what they loved! If they were happiest when they were on the golf green, then you can spend the day with family and friends playing a game of golf. You’ll enjoy yourselves and this is a joyful and active way to keep the person alive in your mind and heart.

Keep a Special Possession

Giving away or clearing out someone who has died belongings is inevitable and tough. However, it is necessary to the grieving process to sort their belongings and to let go of some possessions. But do remember to keep special things that have significant sentimental value. Jewellery, specific pieces of clothing, art, books or anything that you associate with them and which is special to you will make a good keepsake.

Scatter Your Loved One’s Remains

Your loved one may have had a location that was especially important to them. It could be a local spot, somewhere they had travelled or wished to travel to. If your loved one was cremated, then spreading their ashes at that place is a wonderful way to lay them to rest. The person you love who died will become a part of that place and you will always be able to go back to the spot they loved, to remember them and be in their presence.

Preserve Your Memories

Having an artwork commissioned is a special way to memorialise the person you love who has passed away. Paintings or sculptures are unique and can last forever or even passed down as family heirlooms. Hand-blown glass orbs are beautiful creations that will fit in with your home and let you keep you loved one’s memory alive on a day-to-day basis.
Speak to our team about creating a unique glass memorial for your passed loved one…

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