Loving Ashes

12th Jun 2017

5 Respectful Things to do with Cremation Ashes

Life has a funny way of throwing us curveballs just when things seem to be going well. A wise individual once said that life is not […]
30th Jun 2017

Coping with Grief? Here’s What You Need to Know…

Grief is a natural response to the death of a loved one. Eventually you learn to cope with your changed reality and deal with the heartbreak […]
11th Jul 2017

Loving Ashes: Muriel’s Memorial Orb

When Muriel’s faithful daughter suggested she get a handblown glass memorial orb from Loving Ashes to remember her dearly departed husband, Muriel set out to learn […]
21st Jul 2017

Glass Memorials That Warm the Heart

Remembering a departed loved one is always riddled with mixed emotions. In the early stages of grief, we are filled with misunderstanding and anger for our […]
15th Aug 2017

Loving Ashes: Jacob’s Memorial Heart

When Jacob’s wife suggested they get a hand-blown glass memorial heart from Loving Ashes to remember their adored family pet of seventeen years, the Kunene family […]
25th Aug 2017

You’ve Lost a Loved One: Now What?

You get the call from your parents while driving the kids to school, and it knocks you for a six. Uncle Frank lost the fight with […]
27th Sep 2017
glass memorials

Our Glass Memorial Formation Process

While many in the Durban area love the glass memorials hand-crafted by our artisan glass blowers at Loving Ashes, few know just how easy it really […]
12th Oct 2017

How Glass Memorial Orbs Are Made

How much do we really know about blown glass? While many enjoy gazing upon stunning hand-blown glass pieces once they’re complete, very few know exactly what […]
27th Oct 2017

Dealing with Loss: Sasha’s Story

My name is Sasha and I have a story to share. It might be sad for you to read, but keep in mind I have come […]
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