Understanding and Managing Grief’s Effect on Your Body

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Grieving & Healing from the Loss of a Parent
15th Mar 2020

Whilst grief has the power to wreak havoc in your life, it also can have a strong, negative impact on your body. At Loving Ashes, we understand tat Your body is not designed to handle the turmoil of emotions we feel when we lose someone close to us, and whilst we have the power to bounce back and move forward with our lives, our bodies tend to struggle during the initial stages of shock.

3 Ways that Grief Affects Your Body

It is important that you are aware of griefs effect on the body to ensure that you are informed and can deal with the impact of grief, whilst remaining healthy. Keep reading the blog to learn how grief can affect your body so that you are prepared and informed on how to prevent or cope with it.

1. Irregular Eating Habits

One of the common changes that happen to a person when grieving is a change in their appetite. This change is usually one of two extremes: loss of appetite or comfort eating. Losing the urge to eat can kick-start a variety of problems that will affect your body. During this time, your body needs vitamins and nutrients to cope with the trauma. By not feeding your body what it needs, you will feel worse due to the lack of essential vitamins that ‘fuel’ your body. Overeating, especially comfort foods that lack little to no nutritional value, leave you feeling uncomfortable, lacking energy and unmotivated to do much. Food has the power to fuel your body and improve your mood, so choosing the right foods and forcing yourself to eat (even small) healthy meals three times a day will do wonders for your mental health and perspective on the situation.

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2. Little Energy to Exercise – Or Do Anything

Everyone knows that exercise releases happy hormones, which are endorphins that instantly improve your mood. When you are grieving, your body goes into shut down mode where you don’t feel like doing much of anything. You can’t fathom the idea of getting out of bed to run, let alone go see a friend or spend some time at the beach. It is important to avoid letting your mind overthrow your bodies basic needs. You may feel exhausted, mentally and physically, but the best thing that you can do for yourself is to get out of bed and do something active, whether it’s a hike or a gym session, your body and mind will thank you.

3. Common Sense Is Under Ruled by Hysteria

It is vital that you try your best to maintain your common sense when grieving. It is normal to behave in ways you wouldn’t usually, it is simply your body reacting to the overwhelming emotions you are feeling. Gather a strong support system to keep you active and eating, sometimes emotions can overshadow basic human needs.

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