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26th Apr 2017
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Finding an adequate way to express your condolences to a bereaved family member or friend is difficult. Often we don’t know how to react to death and the intense emotions that it elicits in people close to the deceased. Has someone you know lost a loved one? Discover how to give a memorial gift that will express how much you care…

Giving the Gift of Memory: A Condolence Gift

Finding the right gift will hinge on getting something that is personal, thoughtful and unique to the person who passed away. If you didn’t know the person well, it may be better to go with a card, instead of risking giving a generic gift which is not appropriate in this situation:

  • Words – Poetry, passages from books, or your own words about the person who has passed, are suitably intimate and will give comfort now and in the future.
  • Flowers – Sending a bouquet is a good way to send your condolences when words won’t suffice to express your sadness.
  • A photo mosaic – A collage of the memories of someone’s life is a fitting tribute to a life well-lived.
  • Personalised memorial gifts – You will need to have known the deceased well to send a gift like this. Give something that you associate with them with: Sports team memorabilia, inscribed gifts, music etc.
  • Your presence – Being there for a friend in the days after a death of their loved one, is one of the greatest gifts you can give. It is a hard and lonely time in first days of grief. Don’t tell them you’re there for them, be there for them – cook meals, help with paper work, take them out or simply visit.
  • Glass memorial orbs – These are perfect if you want to give something permanent, beautiful and special that the bereaved family can keep to remember their loved one by.

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